Mayong Cultural Walk is a visit Home family of Putu Artana and Ria in mayong village North bali for the walking tour into the ricefields terraces, countryside and continued   Balinese Lunch

Mayong Cultural Walk is relative easy provide for children, Experienced or Inexperienced hiker, Read more Term and Condition

What You Will Experienced on Mayong Cultural Walk?

Beautiful Ricefield Terraces

Ricefield is the most scenic panorama for tourist but for us rice is our main food and the major commodity. farming rice is very unique and cultivate, this short walk you will learn how the process for cultivate and farming the rice. Note : Drone is recommended!

Local Vegetation and Tropical plants

Bali is riched by the local vegetation and tropical plants such as clove, rambutan, avocado, jack fruit, cashew, pineapple, cocoa, coffee, mangosteen and many more. along we passing through to the nature you will see encounter tropical plants and local vegetation.

Observe local life in the countryside

Along the way walk Through to the countryside and the ricefields area if we are lucky we could see the local people do their daily activities such as working in the fields or their daily way of life.

Introducing the medicine plants, herbs and spices

Natural.medicine is the basic knowledge for the local people in the countryside, while the medical pharmacy is quiet expensive, they still use the herbs and you will observe some kind on natural plants use for daily preventive medication.

After the Walking Tour countinued by Balinese Lunch cooked by Ria

Delicious Balinese Lunch By Ria

After the walking tour Rias has been prepared the Delicious Balinese Lunch  is a home made authentique local meal, ofcourse it is cooked by western standard and will include the authentique bumbu bali ( balinese food ingredient) fresh produce from the local market and absolutely free of MSG ( Monosodium Glutamate) and she is an excellent cook and all the food made with love.

How to Book our Tour?

For more detail information please feel free contact us on:

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Phone/ Whatsapp : +6282340719179

After the meeting point (Putu Artana and Ria’s home) at 9 am  we can discuss any special requirements for you and your group in regards to the lunch (optional) dietary needs for example vegetarian or have any alergic etc, while i take you on the walking tour my wife Ria will go to the local market to buy any ingredient fresh from the local market to prepare our lunch.

About Us

We are Putu Artana and Ria founder of Mayong Cultural Walk.

as our proud of our village Mayong that very famous of the Ricefield terraces with breathaking panorama, the countryside and the daily local life activities, we love to show you by the Mayong Cultural walk. we also offer to Stay With Us next door of our home for your comfortable Luxury Holiday home rental.

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Dear Guest, We offer you  a place to stay with us

A luxury private holiday home  with Balinese Holiday Atmosphere, it located just next door of Our home. connect with the culture and tradition of spectacular Northern Bali from this modern, comfortable, Well equipped, two-bedroom holiday home in the heart of this very beautiful region.

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Warm Regards

Putu Artana & Ria

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